Grimdark Magazine Issue #28 is here!

Last Updated on October 1, 2021

Grimdark Magazine Issue #28 is here and there is plenty of good stuff for you to get your teeth into. We’ve managed to get some authors into this issue who I’ve been itching to publish for years, one of them for the better part of a decade, and I am stoked to present our line up and cover to you.


  • The Tomb of the Flesh Dealer by Kameron Hurley
  • The Spoiler by Christopher Buelhman
  • An Eye for an Eye by K.S. Villoso
  • The Sword of Seven Tears by Sebastien de Castell


  • The History of Grimdark: The Inspirations behind the Darkness by Aaron S. Jones
  • An Interview with Anna Smith Spark
  • An Interview with Matthew Ward
  • Review: The Wisdom of Crowds by Joe Abercrombie
  • Of Home and Heritage by Lee Murray

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Grimdark Magazine #28 cover

I’ve been wanting to publish Sebastien de Castell for years. Having absolutely loved his Greatcoats series, and with him penning the brilliant Sword of Seven Tears I just knew it had to be the cover story for this issue. Once again Carlos Diaz has knocked it out of the park with this cover.

Rather serendipitously, this is also the GdM team’s 1,000th post on this website. Cheers to the team!

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Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins runs Grimdark Magazine and loves anything to do with telling darker stories. Doesn't matter the format, or when it was published or produced--just give him a grim story told in a dark world by a morally grey protagonist and this bloke's in his happy place. Add in a barrel aged stout to sip on after a cheeky body surf under the Australian sun, and that's his heaven.

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