Grimdark Magazine Issue 38 to feature the best of South East Asia SFF

Last Updated on March 25, 2024

We have two announcements for the upcoming release of Grimdark Magazine Issue 38. As somebody who lives in the Asia Pacific, the first announcement I think is one of the ones I’m the most excited about in my almost ten years of running this little publication. The second one is one of those announcements I dislike making. Let’s get to it.

GdM#38 to focus on SEA authors

Nearly nine percent of the world’s population live in South East Asia. A lot of history, mythology, stories, and world views sit in those nations and their peoples, and we feel that often the English speaking markets miss out on those stories for a range of reasons. Books like Sons of Darkness by Gaurav Mohanty have joined the list of authors giving us a lens into non-Euro grimdark fantasy, and I think the opportunity to really push the boundaries of our little corner of the subgenre world lies in giving authors from SEA a spot to play about with their characters and ideas in short form. For this issue, our contributors will be:

The contributor lineup

  • R.R. Virdi
  • Gourav Mohanty
  • Yudhanjaya Wijeratne
  • Vajra Chandras
  • Gautam Bhatiaekera
  • Lavanya Lakshminarayan
  • Aaron S. Jones
  • Alex Valdiers

We also have a few people yet to sign off on their inclusion, whose names we will be releasing when we do the cover release (a snippet of which you’ll find in the header of this post!).

GdM#38 to be published on the 15th of April

Now, to the part that we never like to announce: we’ve had to push back our publication schedule by a fortnight to make sure we got all the content we needed. As it is with small groups of people trying to build things, sometimes life gets on top, and in this instance, it got on top of a few of us and we weren’t able to meet our commitment to you.

Rest assured, however, this will be worth the wait.

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Adrian Collins

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