Interview: A Beer or Three with Jesse Bullington

A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall

This quarter we sat down for a beer or three with Jesse Bullington to discuss Alex Marshall and The Crimson Empire, drugs, inspiration, world-building, and (of course) beer. We even slipped in a question about Jesse’s favourite topic that he never gets asked about – pseudonyms.

We were joined by one of our top-level Patreon backers, Teo, who also drank beer and asked questions. Much fun was had. Check it out below.

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You can check out some of our reviews of Jesse Bullington’s books and his short stories and articles here. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had plenty of opportunities to work with this brilliant author, and there is plenty in there for grimdark fans. His books and stories are gritty, brutal, but also fun and featuring a quirky sense of humour that tends to land just right amongst the grimdark.

You can check out more beer-based interviews with authors such as Michael R. Fletcher and Anna Smith Spark here.

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