Janny Wurts Remarque Revealed!

Back when our Evil is a Matter of Perspective Kickstarter funding period was wrapping up, we ran a pretty epic competition, giving away a bunch of signed and personalised hardcovers and paperbacks alongside a stack of ebooks over on the Grimdark Fiction Readers and Writers group. One of the prizes we gave away was a To Ride Hell’s Chasm with Janny Wurts remarque to one lucky winner.

Janny sent me through a copy of the artwork and man is it a beautiful little piece.

I’m very jealous of the winner (and of Janny’s artistic ability–check out more of her art over on her website). To provide a little context, she provided the full dust jacket art and design below.

What’s the best Remarque you’ve seen?

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Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins is the editor in chief of Grimdark Magazine and knows, like, a LOT about beer, whiskey, and bodysurfing.