MOVIE REVIEW: All Hail The Popcorn King

All Hail the Popcorn King, a documentary about Joe R. Lansdale directed by Hansi Oppenheimer, was intriguing to me as a fan of horror and western fiction and movies of all types. Though I haven’t read a lot of Lansdale’s work, he’s a name I’ve been seeing in anthologies for years as I’ve made my way through the different genres. It didn’t seem to matter which one I was getting into, Joe’s stories seemed to be there. And they’ve always seemed to be among the best in the book.

Aside from assorted stories here and there over the years, the only book I’ve read cover to cover from Lansdale was Driving to Geronimo’s Grave, and Other Stories, which I reviewed in 2018 for NetGalley and Subterranean Press. That review can be found here.