One of Michael R. Fletcher’s Hassebrands

Hassebrand by Jason Deem

As a part of developing his Manifest Delusions world for Beyond Redemption, Michael R. Fletcher wrote a series of short stories. We were lucky enough to snag one for Issue 6 (due out 15 Jan 216). It features a hassebrand, an early version of the character Gehirn would become.

I then gave the story to Jason Deem, who came up with the following piece for the cover of Issue 6, named, aptly, Hassebrand.

Hassebrand by Jason Deem

GdM #6 goes up on the 1st of January 2016.

If you’d like to see more of Jason’s work, head on over to his website. If you’d like to purchase his work for your own book or website, keep and eye out for his upcoming page on the GdM marketplace.

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