OUT TODAY! Grimdark fantasy horror novella In the Shadow of their Dying by Anna Smith Spark and Michael R. Fletcher

The grimdark fantasy horror novella you’ve all been waiting for is out now! In the Shadow of their Dying by Anna Smith Spark and Michael R. Fletcher hits bookshelves today. We’ve had our largest pre-order for a book ever–more than quadrupling the pre-orders for our best ever general release prior to this–and the early reviews in have been absolutely epic.

When I first read this fantasy novella, I knew we had something special. Something that was fun, that you could read in an afternoon, that you could laugh with and lose yourself in, and that was different. Smith Spark and Fletcher have delivered an absolute experience, and I am so happy we get to share this with you today.

About In the Shadow of their Dying

In the Shadow of their DyingThe third best assassin. A second rate mercenary crew. One terrifying demon.

As Sharaam crumbles under siege, a mercenary crew hires an assassin to kill the king. For Tash, it’s a chance at glory—to be the best blade in the dark Sharaam has ever known. For Pitt, it’s a way to get his cutthroat crew past the Tsarii siege and out of this hellhole, maybe even with some gold to their name. For Iananr the Bound One, it’s a dream of shadows and human blood.

In the Shadow of their Dying is available on kindle, in paperback, and glorious hardcover. Artist Carlos Diaz and designer Shawn King have brought it to life outside and inside, bringing to life the horror of the siege of Sharaam, and the desperation of those trying to get out.

Reviewers have incredibly generous in their praise so far, which you can check out on our Goodreads page, and the pick of the bunch is below:

“Brutal, horrifying, hilarious in equal measure; this is quintessential grimdark.”

– Richard Swan, author of The Justice of Kings

“A gloriously bloodstained and twisted story: war and magic combine in enjoyably horrible ways and faced down by a selection of wonderfully bad people. A compelling, visceral read.”

– Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of City of Last Chances

“Awash with bloody brio and dark humour, In the Shadow of Their Dying sparks with relentless narrative energy as it tells the story of a siege-gone-wrong, and an assassin who can do no right.”

– T.R. Napper, author of 36 Streets

“Drips with a blessed ichor of mud-drenched grimdark whilst thrumming with nebulous, arcane magic. From laugh-out-loud wry humour to gibbering, demoniac madness; the journey of this story will leave you rattled, ragged and desperate for more.”

– Matt Wesolowski, author of Deity

Read In the Shadow of their Dying by Anna Smith Spark and Michael R. Fletcher

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