The last 11 first print first edition copes of The King Must Fall up for sale!


With our Kickstarter project finished, missing posted books either found or re-shipped, and all review copies sent to reviewers, we have eleven copies of the first edition, first printing of The King Must Fall left in stock!

Each has a bookmark inside and is ready to go, and as much as I’d love to keep the spares to stare at lovingly for the rest of my life, the mrs has put her foot down, and these need to get out the door.

When the mighty and cruel must be brought low, it’s the killers and the schemers who emerge from the shadows. As plans twist and change, and our protagonists are foiled and beaten, one thing remains true: no matter the cost, the king must fall.

The King Must Fall is a dark fantasy anthology featuring 19 titans of the dark and grimdark fantasy genres writing about rogues, assassins, mages, blackguards, and warriors on quests to kill their kings, rulers, captains, and leaders.

Devin Madson Luke Scull Anna Smith Spark Anthony Ryan Michael R. Fletcher Jeremy Szal Lee Murray Daniel Polansky Shawn Speakman Adrian Tchaikovsky Trudi Canavan Alex Marshall Anna Stephens Justin Call Deborah A. Wolf Peter Orullian Kameron Hurley Matthew Ward Bradley P. Beaulieu

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Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins

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