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Dr Dann Lewis

Dr Dann Lewis

An Australian expat, Dr Dann Lewis writes poetry, prose, and fiction specialising in blending speculative fiction and the Gothic genre. Lewis’ interests intersect between creative writing/literary studies and psychoanalytical theory. Lewis has been previously published in Aurealis and Phase 2 science fiction magazines and is a frequent contributor to the cyberpunk blog, Neon Dystopia. When not writing, Lewis finds himself painting or jacked into his rig.

REVIEW: The Knight with Two Swords by Edward M. Erdelac

Ever since reading Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, I was instantly mesmerised by the tales of King Arthur, his legendary knights of the round table, and the wisdom of Merlin and Avalon. There is...

REVIEW: Melokai by Rosalyn Kelly

Blood. Mutilation. Sex. Politicking. And all of it coalesces into one meaty tale of love, betrayal, and death in Melokai, the first novel in Rosalyn Kelly’s In the Heart of the Mountains series. Although...