Rare editions for charity, crowd funding projects, protecting reader communities–this Grim Oak Press publisher talk has it all

Shawn Speakman drops by the channel to talk all things Grim Oak Press books and his writing, including an exclusive announcement about something that’s been sitting on shelves for years and is about to hit the auction block in support of authors who are struggling with medical bills. Shawn is one of my personal publishing heroes, so I was really excited to be able to spend time with somebody I look up to.

We talk the business of publishing, including bindery problems, kickstarters, modern small publishing funding and the cost of business, protecting communities, a brand new anthology UNAVOWED focussed on indie authors, and Shawn’s new Backerkit funding drive for The Dark Thorns (and all the awesome things you’ll get by following that project)!

Unfortunately the video recording hasn’t done us any favours, with Shawn being paused every few seconds for a couple hundred glamour photos, but the audio is perfect, so jump in and listen to one of the great small press owners let us know what’s coming.

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Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins

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