REVIEW: A Grave for Us All by Michael Roberti

Last Updated on May 18, 2024

Chaos now rules the kingdom of Harfal. The Reach is swarming with bandits and AWOL soldiers. Death has spawned horrors from the Sparse Forest. As its government is caught in deadlock, civil war is brewing on several fronts. When history is written only by survivors, all will fight to remember their dead. The death toll climbs in A Grave for Us All by Michael Roberti.

A Grave for Us All Some predominate characters from The Traitors We Are return for its sequel, but an exciting new voice is Kieron Oberlan. As an Oberlan, he is a representative of the Reach. He craves more power but without real fighting skills and long overlooked by his family, he uses his intelligence to manipulate others. Some of his traits does strike similarities to an evil Tyrion Lannister from A Game of Thrones.

“I am not Ordan. And neither am I Lorcen […] And I’m no fighter, but I am by far the worst of them.”

Merily continues as one of the main points of view characters in Michael Roberti’s Crown and Tide series. A victim to her father’s schemes, she is trapped in a perilous position and without allies. While her predicament can be seen in other tales, Merily is a force to be reckoned with. Roberti emphasizes her story by focusing on aspects that are not always addressed in fantasy. While Merily is not familiar with the traditions of the Keep, she understands the current political war. She fights to keep her culture alive but may lose herself instead.

Politicians are not the only schemers in A Grave for Us All. The goddesses Guma, Sina, and especially Loma have plans of their own. Prophecies seem inevitable but not every event suggests conspiracy. Blind chance appears to still play a part in the fate of Harfal.

Michael Roberti packs a large cast in A Grave for Us All but keeping track of them is manageable with his book’s fantastic layout. He provides maps, a recap of the first book, character lists based on alliances, and each chapter is referenced by its POV character and timeline.

This layout allows Michael Roberti’s creativity to blaze without hindering the novel’s flow. A Grave for Us All contains some time jumps. His battle scenes are uniquely well written. Fans of linear storytelling and smaller casts may still find much to love in A Grave for Us All.

Michael Roberti’s Crown and Tide series is lush with worldbuilding. He does an excellent job balancing his world’s religions and history while keeping the plot well-paced. Some elements are more hinted at than fully delved in. Hopefully there is more to see from the Witch of Loma, the Sparse Forest and its unfathomable horrors in book three.

While The Traitors We Are sets a strong foundation, Roberti adds more depth and builds upon its intricacies in book two. Michael Roberti’s A Grave for Us All is a showstopper.

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