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Last Updated on June 23, 2020

Sometimes the end of something is just the beginning of a new chapter. Things don’t have to end. Characters don’t have to stop because, with some, there is so much more story to tell—case in point, American Demon, the first book in the extended Hallows universe.

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Kim Harrison has brought back our favorite “itchy witch” as well as many of our other favorite characters. I am looking at you, Bis. Things are a bit different, and people are moving on with their lives; some are moving into new phases. But Rachel is Rachel, and where there are mischief and catastrophe, you know she will be right there righting the wrongs and sticking up for her friends. In this story, someone has sent an entity called a Bacu after Rachel and her friends. It is a creature that strips your aura level by level, eventually driving you mad. Who sent it and why are they doing these things is the big mystery. We have a few new characters to enjoy and learn about. One is an elf. The other is a demon; both seem like a lot of fun and should prove more important as new books and stories are written.

One of the best qualities of The Hallows series is consistently good writing and engaging stories. You would think after 14+ books that the writing might become a tad stale or the life might have fallen out of the stories. You would be wrong. Every novel in The Hollows series is entertaining; some books have more pivotal plot points than others. Like any long story, they all flow together in a fun saga that is great for the reader and will have you cheering Rachel Morgan’s antics by the end of the book. However, if you are new to the series and want to come into it from this book, Harrison gives enough backstory and character information that allows any new readers to feel at home. But, I think with a series this big, it is always better to start at the first book so that you won’t miss any of the fun characters’ subtleties or references. Either way, you are covered and will have a good time.

The action is fun, the banter is standard great for The Hollows, and Trent and Rachel are lovely. I recommend lovers of urban fantasy to read American Demon, or better yet start at book 1; you won’t be disappointed.

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Elizabeth Tabler

Elizabeth Tabler

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