REVIEW: Angels of Death E7: The Honour of Angels

Last Updated on July 9, 2024

Angels of Death just keeps getting better and better with Episode 7 Honour of Angels driving three of the four storylines—Anacaeus and his embattled squad, Captain Orpheo and the Magos, and the Tyranid cult Magus—forward in excellent leaps.

Anacaeus and his brothers continue to forge towards the tower where they believe Captain Orpheo awaits them. Kazarion is struggling with The Black Rage, the affliction all Blood Angels must keep at bay that turns them into psychotic, uncontrollable berserkers, but seems to have it somewhat under control—though his actions causing the death of the squad chaplain are still yet to really be addressed.

Captain Orpheo remains paralysed on a table as the Machanicus Magos explains both the afflictions of his body from his wounds and her plan for the Blood Angels. It’s an interesting way forward, mixing a kind of archaeological importance in with the general requirement for killing the Cult. It’s very on tune for the 40k fluff and stories I grew up reading, and I like it.

The Tyranid cult Magus is reporting to his superior, and I think it gives a really cool insight into the hive mind, in that no matter who you are, there is always another creature bigger and scarier than you. They are not too dissimilar to the Imperium of Man in this way. As part of this arc we’re also shown the master plan of the arc, showcased with some naval armsmen in a desperate fight to prevent the cult and genestealers from getting to the bridge—one of the key worries for The Sword of Baal we were left with from the last episode.

There is plenty to like in Honour of Angels, with two major story arcs colliding, plenty of desperate battles, and insights into where this story is going for the big final confrontation. Seeing some of the big bad Tyranids coming onto screen (as opposed to the just the mutating humans) is really cool. The animator is bringing these creatures from the tabletop and rulebooks to life magnificently. Bring on episode 8.

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