REVIEW: Angels of Death E8: Rise

In Angels of Death: Rise we are treated to another balls-to-the-wall action fest of an episode, driving us towards the big finale, which by the end of this episode is not exactly what I thought it would be. It’s far more awesome.

After not being inside The Sword of Baal last episode, we are straight into the imperilled battle cruiser with her under siege crew. They are running out of ammunition and men, and it’s only a matter of time until the Cult breaches the bridge and takes over the ship. Should this happen, the cult will be void and warp capable, and able to spread their infection to other planets of the Imperium.

On the ground, Orpheo leads Anacaeus and his Blood Angles up the tower towards where the Patriarch is (and also where the Sword of Baal is stuck on the tower’s loading dock. Killing the Patriarch is the only way to destroy the cult, save the Sword of Baal and maybe (knowing warhammer 40K) what’s left of the human population of the planet. While Orpheo leads the charge, the Cult leader tries desperately to buy the time needed for the Patriarch to awake.

Also aboard The Sword of Baal Hadrian the tech marine is back amongst the geneseed of his fallen brothers, looking for the one brother who might save them all. This brother is The Sword of Baal’s last hope, and knowing how much of a unit the Patriarch is, he may also be Orpheo and his brothers’ last hope.

One thing needs to be said about Rise: there are some cracking battle scenes in it. The episode feels like it flies by in about two minutes as the tension ratchets all the way up to 12. Top marks to the animator for this episode. There are some moments of awesomeness, and even a really nicely delivered laugh in there.

And we also have a pretty clear direction of where all this is going—it’s really just a question of if the writers keep it straight forward and linear, or if we get the epic/brutal twist I’m sure every viewer is hoping for. This series just goes from strength to strength. More of the same next week, please!

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