REVIEW: Blade Runners ‘Black Lotus’ #3 by Nancy Collins and Enid Balám

Blade Runner ‘Black Lotus’ #3 is the third installment in a four-part miniseries sequel to the popular Cartoon Network anime, Blade Runner ‘Black Lotus‘ starring Jessica Henwick and Will Yun Lee. It was a pretty good story brought down by somewhat questionable animation choices and a focus on action over characterization.

Blade Runner 'Black Lotus' #3The premise is that Elle is a uniquely skilled and talented Replicant who is not afflicted with the curse that most modern ones possess of supreme obedience. She is a master swordswoman and able to tear through armed guards like wet tissue paper as long as she has a katana. After killing a bunch of crooked bigots, she tried to kill Niander Wallace Junior but failed in the process. Now exiled to the deserts outside of Los Angeles, she has been helping the locals against the boss of nearby Fracktown.

In a surprising turn, the women of the settlers have been kidnapped by the local boss in order to replace the pleasure models that Niander Wallace has reclaimed. This leads to an action-packed scene where Elle infiltrates the Frackers’ plant, slaughters a bunch of guards, and proceeds to mount a daring rescue.

There’s not much to say other than this is a heavy combat-focused work with a few bits of humor like the fact the guards are complaining about the fact they’ll be forced to make do with “real” women rather than pleasure models. It has a bit less of a Wild West feel than the previous issues because it takes place in an industrialized factory as opposed to the California Wasteland, which was a nice change of pace.

The art style remains consistent throughout the comic line, which is both good and bad. The art isn’t something that I really much care for style wise but it’s very good and clear with the action popping off the page. Given so much of this issue and the previous one consists of combat scenes, this is very good. Elle is almost indestructible so there’s not much tension in the books, action wise, but it’s great seeing her tear through the Fracktown goons.

In conclusion, this was a pretty good issue and I’m glad to see more of Elle’s adventures. It’s clear this book isn’t going to do much development of her character or solve any preexisting plot threads, but it does work out as a fun action piece.

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