REVIEW: Creepshow #3

Last Updated on December 8, 2023

In Creepshow #3, we have two fetching stories that will linger long under your skin (that itch, as story one, Eternity, Eternity, Eternity, reveals, may be a race of long lived locusts).  The motto of the opening story is ‘love was the carrot, and life was the stick’ and our nameless protagonist suffers the stick more than the carrot.

Creepshow #3The other motto of the story is ‘beware what you wish for.’  Granting herself immortality through a one and done serum she can’t replicate, the main character recounts her now endless existence through endless cycles of Earth history.  There is love, there is loss, and as she belatedly discovers at the end, there is endless boredom.  In between there is the collapse of society, the rebirth under her new status as a global warlord, and then the final collapse into endless devastation.

Writer and artist Zoe Thorogood does an excellent job of distilling the ‘immortality is really a curse’ trope down to its barebones in this opening story of Creepshow #3, and the reading experience is all the more powerful for it.  And their artwork is sublime – similarly minimalist, but very impactful as well.  There is a beauty to the art, which at times depicts gut wrenchingly awful body horror, but also packs a punch with regards to the reality of immortality on our poor, weak flesh.  Creepshow #3 thus starts with a bang.

And happily doesn’t end with a whimper.  If the first story of Creepshow #3 was the distillation of a particular trope, then story two, Sacrifices, is the distillation of all things Creepshow.

On a cruise liner, fixer Eddie has obtained a red diamond, which he is about to hand over to grasping businessman Berkman, once the funds have been transferred.  Berkman’s wife, Constance, is actually in league with Eddie, and the double cross comes as a matter of course.  Though Berkman doesn’t want the red diamond because he’s a dirty capitalist.  He wants it as repayment to a rather unusual business partner…a cosmic business partner, as it were.

Sacrifices is Creepshow at its brightest and breeziest.  This is storytelling at its most stripped down and basic.  It’s fun and frenetic, but it isn’t particularly squirm inducing.  The artwork by Goran Sudzuka is decent enough, but it isn’t enough to save this story from being instantly forgettable.

Creepshow #3 is definitely a mixed bag and the overall vibe of it can ride on how well you think the weaker story does its job.  While I walked away feeling a little disappointed initially, in hindsight, Zoe Thorogood’s storytelling and particularly the artwork are a real plus and well worth you hunting down this issue.

3/5 stars

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Robert Mammone

Robert Mammone

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