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Last Updated on April 11, 2024

Fallout is the latest TV series from Amazon Prime Video and is the streaming giant’s attempt to cash in on the success of the videogame series from Bethesda which has sold millions of copies across the world and achieved critical acclaim. With HBO’s The Last of Us, and Netflix’s Arcane proving that videogame adaptions can be some of the best shows out there, will Amazon’s shiny, new show hang with the big guns or wilt in the light of a nuclear bomb? Fans of the game can breathe a sigh of relief and newcomers need to prepare to be entertained – this will be your new favourite post-apocalyptic show.

FalloutFallout is brought to us by Jonathan Nolan (Westworld, The Dark Knight, Interstellar) so it’s in steady hands and the Amazon budget allows the series to match the tone, visuals, and general feeling of the games. Based in a world decimated by a nuclear holocaust, some humans dwell in vaults, beneath the surface in Los Angeles 2296 and our protagonist, Lucy, needs to head to the surface to find her father. This starts her on a journey of discovery with the R-rating well-earned as she faces the horrors of the surface world and begins to understand some of the horrors of her own. One of the best things about the games is being able to control the character’s behaviour and it is interesting to see Lucy develop throughout the series as she starts off innocent and is slowly shaped in different ways by her environment and her discoveries. She meets some incredible characters and the standout is The Ghoul played by Walton Goggins. There is more to his character than seen in the trailers and his story is one of the best pieces of the series.

The world of Fallout looks stunning. It stands up there with the best of them and is money well spent by Amazon. We are used to see wastelands and post-apocalyptic settings (The Last of Us, Mad Max, Silo) and the environment is incredibly designed to represent the games with recognisable weapons, stimpacks, and more for the superfans to spot and beauty in decay for newcomers. Like the games, the world is full of interesting characters with their own motives and the series earns its R-rating with gore, swearing, despicable characters and more to appeal to our grimdark fans. It’s not quite mind-blowing madness like The Boys but they certainly nailed the tone of the series for fans of the game. The joy of the game is exploring the world and following mysteries and that’s what happens here through multiple threads and the series gets better as it goes on.

Fallout is sure to be a nuclear hit with audiences. It’s dark, funny, gory, and an absolute treat for sci-fi fans who like a bit of gore and nightmares in their future. It is another example of stories from games being developed with true care and attention and whether you are a gamer or not, Fallout is a series well worth getting out of your vault for and enjoying the ride. It won’t be a waste of your time and it already looks like a second series is on the way!

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Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

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