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The Far Cry games are like the Assassins Creed or Call of Duty games in that they are pretty much an annual tradition now with more or less exactly what you had before. Well, moreso the latter these days since Assassins Creed suddenly became a leveling up hack and slash fantasy series instead of a stealth game. I enjoy the Far Cry series but admitted my enthusiasm for the series had waned. The series has never recaptured the same magic of Far Cry 3 and the only time they did something truly innovative was the bonkers awesomeness of Far Cry: Blood Dragon.

Far Cry 6 seems to be a weird combination of Far Cry 3, Just Cause, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. You are Dani Rojas, a man or woman orphan fleeing the despotic regime of Yara. Yara is basically Cuba but the Castro family is replaced with capitalist strongman Anton Castillo (played masterfully by Giancarlo Esposito). After a failed attempt to escape to Miami, Dani joins the local revolutionary group and decides to shoot up Anton’s forces until he’s overthrown. So I suppose it’s actually more like Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Just Cause, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

This isn’t to say it’s a bad game and combining all these influences makes it slightly less derivative than previous installments. Dani’s female voice actor, Nisa Gunduz, imbues the character with a great deal of likability and she’s easily the most interesting of every protagonist. Given only Jason Brody and Sergeant Rex Power Colt had anything resembling personalities, this isn’t as high a praise as it could be, but I still call a win a win.

The gameplay is a mix of ups and downs. In addition to the usual combination of Far Cry’s stealth and gunplay that depends on you assaulting base after base, you now have the addition of horses! That’s about it. Oh and the perk system is now gone to be replaced with upgrading your gear, which I found to be a chore and not particularly helpful.

Some of my immersion was broken by the fact enemies now require special types of ammo to hurt effectively, which might work in space opera or fantasy but not in the Caribbean. The most annoying addition was the Supremo, a sort of weird rocket launcher backpack that is pretty much necessary to destroy helicopters and tanks but looks ridiculous. There’s also an absence of human companions (only animals this time), which I felt was a loss.

The supporting cast is quite entertaining this time around and I came to be fond of Libertad’s various oddball members. The standout star is, of course, Giancarlo Esposito as Anton Castillo and he proves to be one of those rare actors who can bring his performance to video games. Anton Castillo isn’t as entertaining as the Handsome Jack-esque Pagan Min or as singularly terrifying yet charismatic as Vaas but manages to trump Joseph Seed by a significant margin. Also, if he were real, I’m pretty sure a substantial number of people would be saying his actions in Yara were justified to industrialize it. I deal with socialist strongman apologists all the time.

The graphics are beautiful and Yara is probably the nicest place in all of Far Cry’s various territories. Hell, I’d live there if not for its terrifying social unrest. I think they could have done more with the city and provided a little more variety in places but it was a solid setting for our war againsty tyranny. The driving is still abyssal and I also feel like is missing some of the funner mini-games from Far Cry 5. Another small bit to complain about is the fact that the Season Pass doesn’t contain all of the costumes and skins that Ubisoft is selling separately, often for outrageous prices. That’s the purpose of a Season Pass and the fact it only includes Far Cary: Blood Dragon and a villain campaign means the word has become meaningful.

Far Cry 6 has a lot going for it but it doesn’t reinvent the wheel and some of the things it does are worse than its predecessors. Still, I very much enjoyed it and think its certainly a well-done game that I got my forty hours out of. I recommend you buy the game at a discount or get a used copy versus the main thing. Also, unless you really want Blood Dragon, not to bother with the season pass.

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