REVIEW: From The Wreck by Jane Rawson

I received an uncorrected proof and a finished version of From The Wreck in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Jane Rawson and Picador. This review is based on the final product. *Minor spoilers*

But I, awakened from sleep, considered in my excellent heart whether to drop from the deck and die right there in the sea or endure, keep silent, go on being of the living.

– Homer – Odyssey

Rawson’s Aurealis award-winning novel is a unique, intelligent and thought-provoking alternative history / science fiction merger. This narrative begins with an incident set on the Admella, a real-life steamship that was wrecked on Carpenters Reach in 1859. George Hills, the main character is an alternative version of a gentleman who was actually Rawson’s great-great-grandfather. He was on the aforementioned ship as it hit the reef and was one of the few survivors who lasted over a week at sea with very little substance. Naked, drifting, without any sort of nourishment on the wreck, in this version, George befriends – if you can call it that when freezing, close to death and having to make brutal life changing decisions – a young lady who he canoodles with whilst w