REVIEW: Greedfall by Spiders Studios

Greedfall is a double-A roleplaying game by the French studio Spiders. It is designed in many ways similar to the Dragon Age games, on a smaller budget of course, and it mostly succeeds in filling those lofty shoes with a captivating story of colonization in a 17th century inspired fantasy world. You’re given choices, companions with various quests, and reputations to uphold or sink at your whim.

GreedfallYou start Greedfall in the city of Serene on the mainland, as your created character who is referred to by their last name regardless of sex; De Sardet. You learn the basics of fighting, you meet some of the important players, and you are subjected to more than a couple of instances of info-dumping from each faction. You get to know one of your companions, Kurt, and the predictably annoying manchild cousin you’ll be traveling with named Constantin. Yet, despite some cliched trappings, this tutorial area serves as a necessary precursor to the main event which is the island you will be traveling to; Teer Fradee.

Teer Fradee is the lush, forest-filled island of Greedfall with a very interesting native population. Teer Fradee is in the process of being colonized and a few cities have already been raised from each respective faction: The Merchant Congregation, The Bridge Alliance, and the Thélème Pilgrims. Your job is to be a legate to the factions and to provide diplomatic relations with the Islanders. Of course, things do not turn out as planned. Many of the factions are less than understanding of the shamanistic ways of the natives and use them as slaves, study then like specimens, or force them to convert to the ‘one true religion’.

In addition to being the diplomatic voice of reason (if you choose to be, of course) on the island, Greedfall also has you in search of a mysterious, plague-like disease that may have originated from the island. The Malichor, as it’s called, has spread to the mainland and is always terminal.

Greedfall is a bit repetitive in sections and is filled with instances of backtracking. Combat is simple but passable and the game has decent graphics, but certain models and textures look last-gen.

Despite its shortcomings, Greedfall is a very solid game that can suitably scratch the itch fantasy fans have until the next Dragon Age releases. It has a good story, some likable companions, and a rich world. It’s just a shame the technical aspects aren’t on par with the dark and well-written story.

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