REVIEW: Hammer and Bolter: A Question of Faith

In A Question of Faith–what I’d consider to be the best episode of Hammer and Bolter so far–Elena and Agatha, the last two Sisters of Battle alive to protect the tomb of the Martyr, wait for the bloodthirsty hordes of Khorne to assault them.

In A Question of Faith they really captured the warrior nun aesthetic of the Sisters of Battle. That quiet contemplation and calmness in the moment of the elder sister, while the younger dreamt of departure and life after, all overshadowed by their losses and impending doom. The quietness of the Martyr despite the stories, and her inaction, just created this excellent sense of the true feeling of the monastic life of the sisters.

The battle scenes in A Question of Faith were excellent, and a big step up from the disappointment of episode 4. The bolter fire on full auto and sword strikes really used all the best parts of the medium to create this wonderful wave of violence I associate with 40k battles.

The khornate leader was a bit silly for my tastes (why always the stupid laughter!?) but the actual charging horde were really cool. A mix of corrupted men and women in a style of mad max and John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars. Just brilliant.

Between A Question of Faith and the Battle Sisters game on Oculus VR (which is fun AF, just quietly), I am gaining a new interest in this often overlooked faction. Excellent episode and as always, I can’t wait for the next one.

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Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins

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