REVIEW: Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation from Titan Comics, written by Anne Toole and drawn by Elmer Tamaso, is an exciting slice of science fantasy set in the world of the record breaking and award winning video game of the same name. That’s something of a double-edged sword, though, because while Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation is very lovely to look at and a lot of fun to read, it assumes the reader has some kind of prior knowledge with the game world going into it. It’s not a total deal breaker, not by a long shot, but to truly appreciate the story being told and understand the world it’s taking place in it certainly helps to have some kind of functional grasp of the game. That beings aid, Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation is a great miniseries that tells an exciting tale within a tale, following along a pair of characters in pursuit of a criminal while one relates a story of their past as they go.

Cover for Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation It’s a fun narrative device and makes sure that the action is always moving throughout the course of the story, and there’s never a dull moment during Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation. In regards to the action, it’s a joy to look at and flows remarkably well thanks to the very animated art style used by Elmer Tamaso. More than once I found myself wishing and hoping someone would option Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation for an animated feature. It’s highly reminiscent of a quality anime movie, in regards to the action sequences and character design, which facilitates the story Anne Toole is weaving to move along at a breezy pace. Despite its overall length, it makes Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation an easy read and something that can be comfortably consumed in a single sitting. I know I practically ran through it once I started it.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation is an easy, fun, and fantastic companion piece to the video game that inspired it which is, perhaps, the comic’s only downfall. I would have been happy with more insight into the world itself, but that lack of information didn’t stop me in the least from enjoying myself. If anything, it left me wanting more comics exploring and fleshing out the world of Horizon. As a standalone story, I’ll give you Horizon: Zero Dawn – Liberation a solid three stars and hold out hope for more in the future.

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