REVIEW: Malice by John Gwynne

Malice is the debut novel from epic fantasy writer John Gwynne. It is the first of the four novels that make up The Faithful and the Fallen series, and when it was published in 2012 it won the David Gemmell ‘Morningstar’ Award for Best Debut. The next three books in the series, Valour, Ruin, and Wrath, were also all nominated for the David Gemmell ‘Legend’ Award novel in the years that they were published. As a reader it can sometimes take me years to get to read the books that have been waiting on my periphery and to this day I use the nominations list for the now closed David Gemmell Awards as a barometer for good fantasy writing. I had very high hopes for Malice and I was not disappointed. If as a reader you like your grimdark complex, well built, and utterly engrossing, then Malice is a perfect choice for you.