REVIEW: Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries

Sometimes, games don’t have to be mind-blowing to be enjoyable.

Video games can have severe flaws holding them back, yet I’ve played plenty of games over the last few years that I enjoyed more than the classic, cookie-cutter open-world game that saturates the market. I can think of a few examples of this in recent years. THQ Nordic’s Biomutant was a 2021 release that suffered from over-ambition, poor quest design, and some odd design choices. Combined with a 60 USD price tag, it put a lot of people off. While the game eventually burned me out, it still achieved some things well. I rather enjoyed the exploration and loot mechanics, and the game is a beauty to look at. Nine times out of ten, I would rather play an ambitious game with flaws designed with passion than a AAA open-world game that rarely differs from its competitors.