REVIEW: Rush #3 by Simon Spurrier

The tension gets seriously cranked up in The Rush #3 from Simon Spurrier and team. Things are going all kinds of crazy in the boomtown of Brokehoof for the intrepid Nettie as the search for her missing son heats up. After the major cliffhanger ending of the previous issue, where we were left with a heinous, spectacularly gory murder at the talons of an unspeakable and inhuman horror I couldn’t wait to crack the cover on this next chapter. And it seriously delivered. Within the mad, frozen, bloody pages of The Rush there is no shortage of danger that’s for certain and right out the gate Nettie must stare insanity square in the face—faces, actually. We find that the gold lust that sinks its claws into the treasure seekers of the north can drive them to violence at the blink of an eye, and Nettie is forced to flee for her life when it comes to light the claim her son had been working might be profitable.