REVIEW: Starship Velociraptor by Galactikraken

Starship Velociraptor is a power metal album by Galactikraken (AKA Jonathan Young). Jonathan Young is primarily known for doing metal covers of existing songs on Youtube and you haven’t quite heard the Pokemon theme until you’ve heard it done that way with the original singer co-singing.

Starship VelociraptorStarship Velociraptor is all original music produced and performed by the singer with the concept of being about a bunch of space pirates in a dystopian future. Congratulations, Jonathan, you have successfully attracted the attention of this man who loves all his metal with either space or fantasy or both.

Generally, the album is quite good and there’s a lot of experimentation going on. There’s some pirate metal (“Glory or Gold”, “Man the Cannons”, “Settle it with a Swordfight),  epic fantasy (“Army of Tigers”, “Storm the Castle”), some cyberpunk music (“Starship Velociraptor”, “Best Band in the Universe”, “Hyperspeed”, “Jetpack Race”, “Final Frontier”), and a beautiful romance ballad (“10,000 Light Years”).

There’s a lot of good songs on this album and I don’t think any of them are skippable. I put “Glory and Gold” and “Man the Cannons” on whenever I want to feel like a space pirate while I think “10,000 Light Years” is probably my all-time favorite love song. I mean, the fact I consider “10,000 Light Years” to be my all-time favorite love song probably says more about me than it does the songs actual merits but a lonely space traveler mourning his girl being across the galaxy with little chance of him getting back to her was surprisingly touching.

If I had to say what the weakest song in the album is, I’d probably go with “Settle it with a Swordfight”, followed by “Hyperspeed.” I simply don’t listen to those songs as much as I listen to the others. The most powerful of the music is definitely “Storm the Castle” about an abused peasantry rising up to kill their king followed by “Final Frontier.”

That’s an anti-global warming song and describes humanity forced to seek a new home after destroying the Earth. But, as mentioned, my favorite of the songs is “10,000 Light Years” and I can’t really overstate how much I love just listening back to the beautiful feelings behind it.

Interestingly, the titular song that sold me on the album in the beginning is one that I have mixed feelings about. “Starship Velociraptor” is literally a song about some people trying to sell a young woman a spaceship. It’s very comedic but also kind of on the tacky side as all sales pitches are. People who enjoy anime, especially 80s cyberpunk anime, would love the Youtube animated video. It’s quite beautiful.

In conclusion, this is a must buy for those people who are both metal as well as science fiction. As the author of both cyberpunk as well as well space pirate fiction, I may be a little TOO much the target audience of this work. However, I think it’s just a fantastic album and I hope the artist will produce more sci-fi metal.

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CT Phipps

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