REVIEW: The Book of Dragons ed. Jonathan Strahan

I came across The Book of Dragons anthology, edited by prolific, award-winning editor Jonathan Strahan, while I was looking for a good upcoming book to review. Of course, I always look for something grim and, well, dark because that is what I and our readers enjoy. I was wary, of course; I didn’t want to accidentally stumble into any high fantasy noblebright nonsense. (Kidding! Nothing wrong with that stuff, just not my cup of ale.) But I felt myself yearning nostalgically for a battle or two with a dragon. To be honest, I miss Wiglaf, and I wanted to see if I could find him here. I did not. However, I did find many extremely well-written, if somewhat unconventional, dragon stories and poems, and best of all, a new story by Grimdark Magazine favourite author (and extreme recluse these days) Scott Lynch, which is almost itself worth the cover price (of the Kindle version at least).