REVIEW: The Devising by Jacob Sannox

Last Updated on June 2, 2024

A new age rises with the world standing against Dark Oak. In this age, the ascended spirits of the world share mankind’s war. A war in which no one will remain unscathed. The cycle of nature, the rebirthing of souls, is broken. The conclusion of The Dark Oak Chronicles brings forth an epic finale, a war of ultimate death. All are in peril in Jacob Sannox’s The Devising.

The DevisingDark Oak’s quest to protect the forest leads him to Halwende, the former home of the Dark Lord Awgren. He will use whatever force necessary to ensure humanity never recovers their strength but they no longer stand alone. The spirits of the forest, water, and air, the ascended are coming to end his reign. Dark Oak must unravel the Dark Lord’s secrets and harness the knowledge hidden there. If he is to fight immortal beings, he must surpass the Dark Lord’s power.

Jacob Sannox saves the most astonishing battles for his final book in The Dark Oak Chronicles. Dark Oak’s war of souls is fought with true dark magic. His use of the Devising births horrors. In these diabolic scenes, a little more time could have been spent from the victim’s perspective. The Devising is hellish imagination unleashed.

The world is churning in Jacob Sannox’s The Devising. While Dark Oak cultivates his Devised magic, others are executing their own schemes. His own alliance with the Weavers and dependency on their Devised powers are at odds. The Weavers have been studying Devising long before Dark Oak and the Dark Lord Awgren came to Halwende for their knowledge. Their cause is greater in scale than any war lord’s. Meanwhile, fractured as they are, humanity begins to rebuild.

The numerous perspectives in The Devising fanfare its finale. Ailsa is now leader of Queen Cathryn’s people. Instead of becoming regent, she looks for new ways to govern. The dishonored and defeated Feran, once Queen Cathryn’s knight, tries to find his path. His perspective on loss has a strong impact across all chapters. Rowan continues as one of the most memorable characters throughout the series.

The Dark Oak Chronicles is faithful to classic epic fantasy series. Grand scale events drive its narrative, but the intimate battles endured by characters such as Rowan form the heart of Jacob Sannox’s story. Her fight for her family makes the final ending in The Devising bittersweet and memorable.

Everything leads to this final battle in The Devising. A conclusion eras in the making, compiling all the schemes from dead rulers, humanity’s survivors, and dark lords. The fate of all souls is sealed in Jacob Sannox’s third and final book of The Dark Oak Chronicles.

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Carrie Chi Lough

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