REVIEW: The Division: Compromised by Thomas Parrott

Compromised is the second of the Operation: Crossroads series for Tom Clancy’s The Division franchise by Ubisoft. The premise for that series is that the Dollar Flu AKA The Green Poison has spread through the world and wiped-out ninety percent of the planet. The survivors of humanity are fighting over the remainder of the world’s resources with most of them running out within a few months of the events. Humanity, or at least America’s, only hope is the brave soldiers of the Strategic Homeland Division that have been given extraordinary powers to “save what remains.”

RecruitedThe Division: Compromised was a fun novel for fans of the series with the character of Maira Kanhai being recruited (hence the title) into the Division after the events of The Division 2. The book resolved some of the larger questions of famine and other issues that needed to be addressed in the semi-realistic world bearing the name of the late Tom Clancy. It also introduced some new factions as well told an interesting story regarding Rogue agents, revenge, and moral compromises. Basically, what fans of The Division like about the games.

Recruited takes place some months after the events of the original book with the characters still recovering from their injuries. Unfortunately, there is no rest for the righteous in the post-apocalypse world and Maira is activated to journey down to Texas in order to try to secure one of the few remaining oil refineries left in the world. It is under attack by eco-terrorists who believe that the Green Poison is the best time to start making a serious effort to start a sustainable lifestyle. This would be more sympathetic if there wasn’t millions of people depending on gas-powered trucks to deliver food.

Honestly, while I enjoyed this book, I feel it is inferior to Recruited. The Reborn and Molassi are interesting new factions but don’t feel as original as the Freighties and Roamers. Plus, eco-terrorists are a questionable villain to begin with before you have most of humanity dead and even the most Malthusian economist going, “Woah there.” It also doesn’t help the Reborn get treated more sympathetically than they probably should be given the atrocities that they carry out as well as the, well, frank stupidity of their arguments. Recruited also has not one but two dead characters show up as surprise reveals as well, including a long-lost brother.

I think the book would have been better if it had continued focusing on the role of fossil fuels as a resource necessary in the post-apocalypse world. The Road Warrior managed to tell a fantastic action movie with much the same plot and never lost sight of how oil was something simultaneously a curse as well as blessing to mankind. Instead, the entirety of the plot is cast aside fairly early for some more Rogue Agent nonsense that is usually entertaining but just doesn’t work here.

Still, I enjoyed this volume, and it is still something I recommend for fans of The Division games. Maira is a great character and seeing her slowly develop into an experienced agent able to negotiate as well as fight is a nice process to see. I like the new characters introduced to their squad as well, though I don’t think either of them is as enjoyable as Brenda or Leo.

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