REVIEW: The Rings of Power – Episode Three

Last Updated on September 15, 2022

The Rings of Power begins to hit its stride as we reach the third episode in Amazon’s expensive series based on the work of Lord of the Ring’s JRR Tolkien. The journey so far has been beautiful but bumpy, however, the latest episode is a sign that there is greatness ahead in this series. Brutal fights, intriguing characters, and a journey to a land not yet seen on any screen – The Rings of Power E3 is a treat for fans of Tolkien’s work.

The Rings of PowerThe highlight of The Rings of Power E3 for Tolkien fans will be the time spent on the legendary island of Numenor. Elendil. Isildur. Galadriel. These iconic figures from the history of Middle-earth are all together on one island and Lord of the Rings fans will be buzzing to see these characters on screen for an extended period of time. As in the previous episodes, Morfydd Clark shines as the elven warrior. Trapped on the island, she uses her time to shine a light on the staggering difference in perspective for the short-lived humans and the immortal elven-kin. Casually mentioning that she knew the builder of one of the historic buildings on Numenor is another reminder of the difference between elves and the other races, something touched on in the previous episode with Elrond and
Durin. It is something that will be built upon moving forward as we all know the nature of men and how easily they can be corrupted in this universe as they long for the immortality of their neighbours. The Rings of Power E3 also seems to have its own version of Aragorn in Halbrand, a man filled with guilt and not too shabby in a fight who is fleeing his responsibility to his people.

The Rings of Power E3 is as stunning to look at as ever. Numenor is an incredible destination and it is amazing to see the way in which the Harfoots hide into their surroundings in a similar way to which Tolkien described the way in which Hobbits hid from men in the The Hobbit. The Harfoots work in a similar way to Hobbits in that they are the heart of the show; characters who will be swept up in the war to come. There are dark rumours of Sauron and the shadow of the rings and Nazgul to come add a darkness to the show that will suit fans of grimdark, who will also enjoy the brutal fight scenes in this episode. This may be Tolkien’s high fantasy but the fight scenes begin to show the brutality of those seen in The Wheel of Time and The Witcher. Arondir is trapped amongst orcs and as the elves fight back, we see some of the best work in the series. The orcs are searching for something, adding a bit of suspense to the episode before a huge fight breaks out including deaths that grimdark fans will surely appreciate.

Tighter, darker, but still as stunning as the previous episodes, The Rings of Power E3 is an episode that shows a series hitting its stride with a great cast and interesting worldbuilding that is building to something that could be exceptional. There’s brutality, beauty, and characters we know and love. The Rings of Power E3 is essential viewing not just for Tolkien fans, but for fans of all fantasy. Dark times are ahead, and I can’t wait!

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Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

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