REVIEW: The Silver Queendom by Dan Koboldt

In Old Queendom, even weary travellers avoid the Red Rooster Inn. Featuring an ale better served as a cleaning agent and terrible service, it’s small wonder this inn lacks patronage. As smoke and mirrors, this deformed inn that sits on a no name crossroad has a secret. Its crew consists of professional con artists. While the Red Rooster Inn fails to serve drinkable ale, Dan Koboldt successfully brews a timeless fantasy story of camaraderie and thievery in Silver Queendom.

Silver QueendomThere is no shortage of schemes and mayhem in Silver Queendom. Dark times are fermenting at the Red Rooster Inn. In this part of the Old Queendom, every criminal crew pays their homage and dues to the Gray Dame. Her wrath is legendary. Her greed insatiable and seconded only by her cruelty. Due to a series of failed missions the Red Rooster has accumulated a debt to the Gray Dame. Darin, leader of the Red Rooster, knows their time is running out. The Red Rooster crew must settle their debt and soon, or die.

Silver Queendom is told through the perspectives of the Red Rooster’s crew. At first, Dan Koboldt introduces the reader to a familiar cast of characters. We have the leader, the seductress, the muscle, and a couple of other ragtag characters. Like their inn, the characters are more than their chosen appearance. I loved learning their back stories and troubled pasts. Each crew member is genuinely likeable. Silver Queendom holds more of a kindred spirit to Kings of the Wyld compared to The Lies of Locke Lamora.

Evil has infiltrated the governing seats in the realm. In Silver Queendom, the reader will not find sympathetic villains. We have a Queen willing to let her poor starve and oppressive lords abuse their power. I wanted more complexity with these villains, particularly with Jakub Purser.  Jakub is a powerful merchant with weak hands and a tendency to beat his wife. It was all too easy to root for his downfall.

Instead, Dan Koboldt shrouds his villains in mystery. How did Jakub transform himself from a nobody to the most prosperous merchant in Caron. Who is Zora? This lady who can hand over a hundred pieces of eight in silver like it was nothing. This lady who knows too much about the Red Rooster crew.

Silver Queendom is a palate cleanser with its charming main characters and fast paced action. The comedic elements and promise of heist filled adventures are why I picked up this book. The heartfelt bond between the characters is why I finished. I hope we see more of the Red Rooster crew.

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Carrie Chi Lough

Carrie Chi Lough

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