REVIEW: Thralls of a Tyrant God by Mars G. Everson

Thralls of a Tyrant God is book one of The God Engine series – a dark fantasy epic from Mars G. Everson. Blending elements of sci-fi and fantasy, this debut novel introduces a world ravaged by a cataclysmic event and ruled by tyrannical forces. Senn, the Herald of the Lord of Greed, is betrayed by his own god and left for dead in a desert and must seek out a new source of power to enact his revenge…

Thralls of a Tyrant GodThralls of a Tyrant God is a book with some unique ideas and interesting characters. Senn, like many of the characters we come across in the novel, is flawed and certainly not a good man. There are many shades of grey throughout the book as the man abandoned by his god begins to question his past and his purpose in such a harsh world. There’s excellent commentary around what it means to be free and the idea of servitude. What is the difference between being on a leash or being a soldier serving a king and country? The dialogue around such ideas is strong and definitely a highlight of the novel and Everson’s writing. The questioning of big ideas drives the plot along as those with power and those without are caught in this difficult world full of corruption and brutality. The oppressive cityscape of the Hub is interesting and gives the novel fantasy dystopian vibes and is another strong point in Thralls of a Tyrant God. Everson has created a world where the reader will yearn for justice and the betterment of its people and that is no small feat.

Thralls of a Tyrant God ticks along at a quick pace with familiar story beats mixed with some genuine shocking twists. Both the Hub and the vast, unforgiving Desert are fully fleshed settings that allow Everson to explore deep and rich themes with his characters. A few formatting and editing issues aside, this is a great first novel from Everson full of interesting ideas and morally grey characters you’ll love to root for. There is great potential in the series and in Everson as a writer and I for one can’t wait to see what is next!

A dark and interesting world full of complex and morally grey characters battling for power and purpose. Thralls of a Tyrant God shows great potential for The God Engine series and Everson. Dark, brutal, but with rays of hope shining through, Thralls of a Tyrant God blends the familiar with the new to start what could be an excellent dark fantasy trilogy.

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Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

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