REVIEW: We Men of Ash and Shadow by HL Tinsley

We’ve all heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and I’d have to say this is good advice. The best artwork in the world won’t make a story engage the reader. What a great cover can do is catch the eye and stand out in an unending sea of books. We Men of Ash and Shadow did this for me, as one evening I was scrolling through social media and my attention was caught by the wonderful book cover. This got my attention enough to read the blurb, and I was immediately hooked. “It was the most highly recommended venue the city had to offer. It was called the Ring O’ Bastards and it had the lowest patron to murder victim ratio in a five mile radius.” That’s the opening paragraph to this fine novel. Within moments, I knew I had stumbled on something special. HL Tinsley didn’t disappoint me as I read further. Right away we are introduced to the protagonist of this novel and the Vanguard Chronicles series. We see Vanguard in his element and given a quick snapshot of his typical night on the job. John Vanguard is a former soldier, now a mercenary … Continue reading REVIEW: We Men of Ash and Shadow by HL Tinsley