REVIEW: White Horse by Erika T. Wurth

White Horse is a haunting, emotional mystery centered around Native American history and lore. Interwoven with equal threads of real life struggles and the supernatural, White Horse is full of intrigue, dark and dangerous turns, and the gutting reality of the devastating secrets our families are capable of keeping from us. Erika T. Wurth’s characters are brutally real, honest, and often make mistakes we can see ourselves making. White Horse takes place in Colorado, where Kari, an Indigenous woman, has her usual life of nicotine, beer, and dive bars interrupted by the unearthing of a family artifact that forces her to come to terms with secrets she buried long ago. Suddenly burdened by the constant appearance of actual ghosts from her unknown past, Kari is put in a position where she has to not only face her darkest, most traumatic memories, but also unearth the true horrors of what happened to her long ago. Filled with Native myth and legend, nightmarish ghosts and boogeymen, and complicated family ties, White Horse has one of the most compelling hooks I’ve seen in a while.