Second Apocalypse Art by Jason Deem


You may know Jason Deem from the brilliant Issue 4 and 5 Grimdark Magazine cover art. Others that know him online will recognize the name from some of the premier pieces of R. Scott Bakker fan art out there.

Being the great bloke that Jason is, he agreed to answer a few questions for our blog and release a little teaser about an upcoming project he’s involved in that every R. Scott Bakker fan will be deadest frothing over.

[GdM] What made you want to get into R. Scott Bakker fan art?

[JD] The Darkness That Comes Before.

What a cool title, I thought to myself. I discovered, quite by chance, this book in a WH Smith’s bookstore in ’04, I think. I devoured it – not literally, but if someone told me I could gain a deeper insight into Bakker’s world by doing so, I might have. There was no keeping me from The Warrior-Prophet and The Thousandfold Thought. Best. Ending. Ever. And worst, because the story was far from over, and like the qirri from later books, I was addicted.

After living with Scott’s saga in my head for nearly a decade, and prompted by some discussions on the Second Apocalypse forum (thanks to Madness, Wilshire, Francis Buck and Quinthane, among others), I finally tried my (unpracticed) hand at interpreting some of Bakker’s characters. That was in 2013, I think, and I guess I just kept on going.

[GdM] What are some of your favorite pieces that you’ve done so far?

[JD] Here are a few of my favorites.

Fallen by Jason Deem


For this piece, rather than a specific scene from the books, I wanted to represent the disturbing, insidious nature of the Consult. These are Shaeonanra, Lord of the Consult, and Aurang, a Prince of the Inchoroi.

Kings by Jason Deem


The Nonmen are tragic on a scale unequaled in literature, I think. Equally, the Inchoroi are devoid of any redeeming quality. The early clashes between the two are nothing short of epic and terrifying. Here, Cu’jara-Cinmoi faces off against Sil, the Inchoroi King After the Fall.

Ancient Glory by Jason Deem