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REVIEW: The Nothing Within by Andy Giesler

The Nothing Within is a book that utterly oozes voice. It’s the debut novel of Andy Giesler, and I was lucky to get a chance to read it as part of my role as...

REVIEW: Snowpiercer The Prequel: Extinction by Matz, Jean-Marc Rochette

I very much enjoyed the Snowpiercer movie, and thus when I saw at the library there was a three-part series of graphic novels called Snowpiercer The Prequel: Extinction to go along with the brilliant...


In a post-apocalyptic world where only two million humans remain and have survived without sight for five centuries, an army of witch finders hunt a woman and her twins. A warrior who has taken...

REVIEW: The Offset by Calder Szewczak

In humanity’s desperate attempt to control overpopulation and stifle procreation, a drastic policy called The Offset is implemented. On this dying planet, having