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Ben Galley

REVIEW: Chasing Graves by Ben Galley

Ben Galley’s epic story, Chasing Graves is the quintessential grimdark fantasy: Dark and brooding characters, check. Inhospitable political climate, check. Violence, check. Fantastic plot, check. The world-building is exceptional. Galley has created a city...

REVIEW: Breaking Chaos by Ben Galley

The roads to Araxes’ throne are painted by blood. The endgame has begun, secrets are revealed, allies turn into enemies, fates collide. Chaos breaks out (yes, pun intended) and until the very end it’s...

REVIEW: Grim Solace by Ben Galley

Just like me, you should be very excited to be back in Araxes in Grim Solace, where death is not the end, but just a new form of half-life. In book two of Ben...

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