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Dave Stewart

REVIEW: B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs Vol. 4 by Mike Mignola

In his introduction to BPRD: Plague of Frogs Vol. 4, editor Scott Allie refers to it as an ‘honest-to-God graphic novel’ rather than another omnibus. This is more-or-less correct: the three component parts fit...

REVIEW: B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs Vol. 3 by Mike Mignola

There is a tendency in these retrospectives of BPRD: Plague of Frogs to keep saying ‘Now it gets serious.’ The Plague of Frogs begins at the end of Volume One; Now it gets serious....

REVIEW: Orbiter by Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis is a writer that asks profound questions, and that is no different in his graphic novel Orbiter. In his acclaimed series, Transmetropolitan, he talked about the role of the media and investigative reporting. In Freakangels he talks about...

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