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REVIEW: The Fall Is All There Is by C.M. Caplan

C.M. Caplan’s frenetic grimdark novel, The Fall Is All There Is, blends fantasy and science fiction in a brutal post-apocalyptic world dripping with familial drama. The first-person protagonist, Petre, is the youngest among quadruplets,...

REVIEW: My Throat An Open Grave by Tori Bovalino

My Throat An Open Grave is Tori Bovalino’s third YA horror novel. After taking us through dark academia and the Goblin Market, this looks at the ideas behind changelings. Leah’s little brother has been...

House of Bad Memories

REVIEW: House of Bad Memories by Michael David Wilson

Michael David Wilson takes family dysfunction to a terrifying new level in House of Bad Memories, a horror novel that will leave your head spinning and stomach churning. Denny loves his infant daughter, May,...


REVIEW: Memoria by Kristyn Merbeth

Memoria, Kristyn Merbeth’s second book of the Nova Protocol series, is another fun dive into the world of the dysfunctional Kaiser family. In the first novel, Fortuna, Kristyn Merbeth introduced us to the Kaiser family...

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