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Richard Swan announces Grave Empire, a new trilogy to follow The Empire of the Wolf

Richard Swan will be releasing a follow-up series to his extremely popular Empire of the Wolf trilogy, Orbit announced today. In news that is sure to delight the growing Swan fanbase, Grave Empire will...

REVIEW: The Crimson Court by Brendan Noble

Set in an Eastern European-flavoured flintlock/gaslamp fantasy world where malignant spirits roam free, deadly conspiracies thrive, and magic comes at a high cost, Brendan Noble’s The Crimson Court is an utterly unique epic political...

REVIEW: Sins of Empire by Brian McClellan

A decade on from the events of the magnificent Powdermage trilogy we return to Brian McClellan’s brilliant world of military flintlock fantasy in Sins of Empire. The Adran-Kez war is over, but new problems...

REVIEW: Guns of the Dawn by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Guns of the Dawn by Adrian Tchaikovsky is a flintlock fantasy with a civil war / WW1 feel to it that had me engaged from page one. It’s a sad, at times suffocating, and...

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