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REVIEW: The Combat Codes by Alexander Darwin

The Combat Codes is the debut martial arts science fiction by Alexander Darwin in which war has been replaced by hand-to-hand combat. Originally self-published in 2015, The Combat Codes earned a finalist slot in...

REVIEW: The Roamers by Francesco Verso

In his new solarpunk novel, The Roamers, Italian science fiction author Francesco Verso envisions a future where nanotechnology can free humanity from the scourge of famine. The technological breakthrough is provided by nanites, nanorobotic...

REVIEW: Nephilim: A Behind Blue Eyes Origins Story Vol. I-III by Anna Mocikat

Nephilim: A Behind Blue Eyes Origins Story volumes I through III by Anna Mocikat is a trilogy of prequel novellas for her wildly entertaining Behind Blue Eyes series that I’ve been reviewing as they’ve...