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Luke Scull

Top 10 Grimdark Must Reads

With grimdark TV shows like A Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom, and Vikings popular as all hell at the moment, we’re seeing plenty of people asking about where to start to get into books with that...

Dead Man's Steel by Luke Scull

Review: Dead Man’s Steel by Luke Scull

Dead Man’s Steel concludes Luke Scull‘s thoroughly enjoyable The Grim Company Trilogy in the gritty, hard-as-nails, barnstorming fashion which we’ve come to expect from him. On a grander scale, Dead Man’s Steel is the story...

GdM #3

Grimdark Magazine Issue 3 Released Early!

Grimdark Magazine is out NOW! That’s right, you heard it here first. Grimdark Magazine Issue 3 is out early! No pre-order, no nuthin’, just straight into the guts of it. In this issue, you’ll...

The Grim Company by Luke Scull

Review: The Grim Company by Luke Scull

I destroyed The Grim Company by Luke Scull like one of Jerek’s axes splitting a head open. It’s been a little while since I’ve done that. Scull has rocketed into my list of favourite...

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