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REVIEW: The Cold Commands by Richard K. Morgan

In The Cold Commands, the second book in the A Land Fit for Heroes trilogy, we rejoin the tale of “hero, dragonslayer, and faggot” Ringil Eskiath. He’s now 31-years-old and there is a price...

REVIEW: The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan

The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan is the story of Ringil “Angeleyes” Eskiath, the hero of Gallows Gap and wielder of Ravensfriend, and is set a decade after the end of the war...

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan

An Interview with Richard K. Morgan

Richard K. Morgan is a Multi-talented bestselling author of the Takeshi Kovacs novels: Altered Carbon (2002), Broken Angels(2003), and finally, Woken Furies(2005). In Altered Carbon, the main protagonist Takeshi Kovacs is an ex-envoy now convict, downloaded into the body of...

REVIEW: Broken Angels by Richard K Morgan

Takeshi Kovacs is back in Broken Angels, this time leading the men and women of Carrera’s Wedge into a meat grinder battle on Sanction IV. And this time he’s fighting for the Protectorate (well,...

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan

Review: Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan

Hardcore. Hard-boiled. Hard sci-fi. Hard hitting. Richard K. Morgan‘s Altered Carbon is just about hard everything except for a hard read. No wonder it’s been picked up by Netflix. I’d been reading a lot...


In Defence of Grimdark

Grimdark is dead. – Justin Landon (Nerds of a Feather blog) Across the ages, when women and men were under attack by forces that would see their heads on spikes, they would take up...

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