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REVIEW: Through Dreams So Dark by Angela Boord

Through Dreams So Dark is a dark portal fantasy by Angela Boord that hearkens back to some of the great classics of Russian literature in both its story and its epic scope. Through Dreams...

REVIEW: The Witch and the Tsar by Olesya Salnikova Gilmore

The Witch and the Tsar is Olesya Salnikova Gilmore’s intriguing debut. It has been published in the US for a few months, but the UK edition was just released in December – both have...

REVIEW: Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky came up with the idea of Roadside Picnic in Komorovo, a Russian town about an hour from St. Petersburg, in 1970. The brothers wrote the story in 1971, and...

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