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Review: Grim Solace by Ben Galley

Just like me, you should be very excited to be back in Araxes, where death is not the end, but just a new form of half-life. In book two of Ben Galley’s Chasing Graves...

Review: Endsville by Clay Sanger

I read this book in just shy of two days and it may as well have been stapled to my hand for how little I let it go. I have no reservation when I...


The Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off and the Evolution of Publishing

Chances are you’ve heard of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (or SPFBO) at some point in the last two years, a contest where 300 self-published authors submit their novels to ten blogging sites who review...

Where Loyalties Lie by Rob J. Hayes

Review: Where Loyalties Lie by Rob J. Hayes

Rob J. Hayes’s Where Loyalties Lie is both a stand-alone series as well as a sequel trilogy to his original The Ties That Bind. You don’t have to read the original trilogy in order...