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REVIEW: The Trials of Ashmount by John Palladino

The Trials of Ashmount is the debut grimdark fantasy from John Palladino and the first volume in his Tragedy of Cedain series. In creating this complex world, brimming with nefarious characters, political backstabbing, and...

REVIEW: Assassin by Andy Peloquin

Assassin by Andy Peloquin is the revised version of Darkblade Assassin, which was a indie dark fantasy novel released in 2018. This new version of the book is half-again in size of the original...

5 Things to Look Forward to in Mike Shel’s Idols Fall

Mike Shel’s dark fantasy Iconoclasts series has been filling readers with dread since Aching God crept onto the scene in 2018 and earned a top-ten finalist spot in the prestigious Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. Combining...

The GdM team pick their favourite self-published fantasy books

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