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The Road to Redemption by Matthew Ward

More than anything, I love a character with a redemption arc. I’m not picky. I’ll work on any scale. From Londo Mollari’s galaxy-shaping reversals in Babylon 5 to Javert’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it change of heart in...

REVIEW: Thorns of War by João F. Silva

João F. Silva is back and better than ever in Thorns of War, a mind bending sequel that takes the visionary Smokesmiths series to incredible new heights. Equal parts action-packed and introspective, this story...

REVIEW: The Hand that Casts the Bone by H.L. Tinsley

HL Tinsley’s The Hand that Casts the Bone is the follow-up to her debut, We Men of Ash and Shadow. Beginning shortly after its predecessor leaves off, Tinsley packs her sequel full of consequences....

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