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Generation Gangster

The War for the Rose Throne is complete. I need a lie down. It’s quite a strange feeling, in all honesty. Although Priest of Crowns will be my seventh published novel, this is my...

REVIEW: Arcane S1

Incredible art design and a story that pulls you in from the first episode and doesn’t let go, Arcane S1 is one of the best shows you will see in some time. Based on...

The Future is Grimdark: The rise of streaming in TV and film and what it means for fans of grimdark

Ten years have passed since Game of Thrones hit our screens. Ten years since the world was introduced to a grimdark story on a big budget. The weekly shows produced by HBO became must-watch...

REVIEW: Traitor’s Blade by Sebastien de Castell

I will start this off by saying, Sebastien is a top guy, I’ve always