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Evil is a Matter of Perspective

Evil is a Matter of Perspective: Interior Art First Look

Jason Deem has just put out his first sample piece of interior art for the Evil is a Matter of Perspective Kickstarter (live June 15). This piece is based on Deborah A. Wolf’s Bloodpenny. The artworks will...

Second Apocalypse Art by Jason Deem

You may know Jason Deem from the brilliant Issue 4 and 5 Grimdark Magazine cover art. Others that know him online will recognize the name from some of the premier pieces of R. Scott...

GdM #5

Grimdark Magazine Issue 5 Lineup

Grimdark Magazine Issue 5 is chock full of grimdark goodness. We’ve pushed the genre boundaries of grimdark a bit more in this issue, with zombie apocalypses and cold-hearted near-future sci-fi to go with the...

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