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Fiction open submissions window 2024

It has been a while, authors. AI reared its ugly head causing widespread problems across the fiction industry for publishers, authors, artists, and competition runners, and because of that, we shut our gates for...


Submission window for Issue #27 is open

The horror and grimdark genres are like the two cousins who sneak away from parties to set fire to things. These genres often go hand in hand, such as in books like The Aching God by...


ANNOUNCEMENT: Submission Policy Change

As of 10 August 2017 AEST, GdM will be switching to having submission windows, as opposed to being continuously open to unsolicited submissions. This means we’ll be closing for submissions for now and re-opening...


GdM Closed to Submissions for the Holidays

Our submissions team have been working their collective hides off for a year and a half without break to find the best in short grimdark fiction to put in front of you. I reckon they’ve...


Attention Submitting Authors!

Ever received a rejection from an e-zine and just wanted to scream, “JUST WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE LITERARY GODS DO YOU PEOPLE WANT!” I certainly have. It’s hard to know what these...


What does Grimdark Magazine want?

We’ve all been there as writers. You knock out a short story, crack yourself a celebratory beer and know – just know – that you are getting this piece published in that e-zine (like Grimdark Magazine!)...

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