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REVIEW: Fallout

Fallout is the latest TV series from Amazon Prime Video and is the streaming giant’s attempt to cash in on the success of the videogame series from Bethesda which has sold millions of copies...


REVIEW: Halo Season Two

This is a big improvement. I’m not the kind of guy who gets caught up in trivialities. There’s plenty of people who would only want a Halo TV show if the Master Chief never...

Why I am Watching House of the Dragon

To quote another story about a dysfunctional family of great influence, “Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!” I watched the extended Comic-Con trailer for House of the Dragon, and...

the witcher

REVIEW: The Witcher: S2 E1: A Grain of Truth

Welcome to the recaps of The Witcher Season 2 for Grimdark Magazine. I’m Ryan, and I enjoyed the first season of this show a lot. I haven’t read the books so a lot of...

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